Our mission is to empower communities through streamlined government and education.​​

Invictus Strategy
Invictus Strategy is a full-service public affairs and communications firm based in Silicon Valley that specializes in public opinion research and mass media to craft innovative and community-driven messaging strategies to help our clients achieve their objectives.

"It always seems impossible until it's done"
-Nelson Mandela

i n v i c t u s
"Invictus" is a poem about written by William Earnest Henry. While he was imprisoned, Nelson Mandela was empowered by the poem's message of self-mastery and resilience in the face of adversity. With Invictus Strategy, we pay homage to the late Madiba by helping others master their objectives.
Leadership and Team
The Invictus Strategy team consists of distinguished professionals and scholars, who are highly-skilled in our respective fields and disciplines. With our diverse mix of PhDs, MBAs, and MPAs, we draw upon our extensive training and experience to deliver results.

What makes the Invictus Strategy team distinct is our unparalleled relationships with community stakeholders. Acquired over decades of experience and strengthened in time through trust, our team's vast network in government, business, and media allows us to open doors for our clients.
Anthony Phan
President, Public Affairs and Land Development
Having devoted a lifetime career to public service, Anthony Phan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in leading Invictus Strategy in his role as President of Public Relations and Land Development. He has assembled a distinguished team of industry professionals, trained by the world's top universities and regarded highly in their respective fields. Together with his team members, Invictus Strategy delivers effective and innovative strategies to deliver results for our clients.